El Dorado Chairman Pushes I-11 West of Phoenix

Mike Ingram, Chairman of El Dorado Holdings, recently discussed the importance of the proposed I-11 corridor that has received Congressional approval and will run through a number of Mountain States, including Arizona.

The ultimate goal will be to connect Mexico and Canada via a new north and south route to ease car and truck congestion on other routes farther east and west of Arizona.  But, the initial benefit will be to connect two vital Mountain States cities, Phoenix and Las Vegas, two of the largest and fastest-growing cities without a direct Interstate connection.

El Dorado Holdings, in partnership with Jerry Colangelo and his JDM Partners, is developing the 33,000 acre community known as Douglas Ranch. The partners in Douglas Ranch have pledged to donate land and rights-of-way so that I-11 will pass through the community. Douglas Ranch will be a vital commercial business and residential development that will eventually be home to over 250,000 people just west of the White Tank Mountains.

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