Douglas Ranch Prepares for Groundbreaking on City of the Future

Development estimated to create upwards of $60B in economic impact at buildout

JDM Partners LLC, and its development partner, El Dorado Holdings, are close to breaking ground on a visionary model of a 21st century city. Douglas Ranch will be America’s most dynamic master-planned community, covering 37,000 acres in the West Valley that will include 119,000 homes and 59 million square feet of commercial and retail space. It is estimated the project will cost $8 billion to $10 billion to develop over the next 25 years and become home to 300,000 residents.

At the outset, the developers envisioned a model of bold design, environmental sustainability and extraordinary lifestyle built on a robust economic foundation. Driven since its conception by the founders insistence on the utmost attention to detail and top quality in every facet of place making, Douglas Ranch will be a place for every generation and home to the very best in living.

The community’s signature elements include: an education system which draws the finest educators and institutions and graduates the brightest students; world-class healthcare to promote wellness and address everyday health concerns; robust employment centers that keep individuals working close to home; multimodal transportation offering flexible, environmentally responsible alternatives; a rich array of recreational, arts and cultural amenities; expansive home and lifestyle choices and an unyielding commitment to sustainability and living in harmony with the natural environment.

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