I-11 Corridor

I-11 Will Connect the Continent

The United States, Canada and Mexico trade over one trillion dollars worth of goods and services each year, and this number will continue to grow. To capitalize on this relationship, Arizona is planning Interstate 11, a new highway that will complete key commerce corridors from Mexico throughout the US and into Canada. Bisected by this proposed route lies the development of Douglas Ranch.

Construction on the first section of Interstate 11 is already underway in Nevada, extending north from the Arizona border to the interstate system serving the Las Vegas region.

Arizona recently completed a two-year feasibility study, which determined that Interstate 11 would:
Connect the Arizona/Mexico border north to existing interstates in Arizona and Nevada;

  • complete a direct trade route from Mexico to Calgary;
  • provide an efficient route to move commercial traffic around the congestion of metropolitan Phoenix;
  • reduce north-south traffic dependence on California’s Interstate 5;
  • and ultimately create thirty to sixty billion dollars in economic benefits for Arizona.

City Connections

To encourage and accommodate future transportation modes, a “multimodal corridor” is envisioned along the north-south loop arterial in the Southeast Planning Area. This corridor will have the ability to accommodate light or commuter rail and various other forms of transit on the horizon.

Initially, two bridges will span the Hassayampa River providing a connection to Sun Valley Parkway, with access to I-10 or to Bell Road in Surprise. Additional transportation planning includes:

  • Multimodal transit systems, including light rail, bicycle lanes, pedestrian paths and more.
  • Support for a regional airport in close proximity to Douglas Ranch.
  • The future I-11 Freeway
  • Internal transit routes, in addition to arterial network connecting to surrounding properties.

By Car. By Bike. By Foot. By Design.

The master plan of Douglas Ranch takes a progressive look at the transportation needs of the community and the region. First and foremost, Douglas Ranch strives to create quality jobs within its boundaries, thereby greatly reducing the number of external vehicle trips to the Phoenix metropolitan area.

This priority will promote cleaner air, less fuel consumption, a greater quality of life and economic vitality within the community and the region.