Entitlements Approved to Date:

  1. Community Master Plan in the City of Buckeye.
  2. Development Agreement with the City of Buckeye.
  3. Analysis of Assured Water Supply approved by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) for phases 1-5 of Douglas Ranch — 23,658 acre-feet.
  4. Conditional Analysis of Assured Water Supply approved by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) for remaining phases (6-9) of Douglas Ranch — 26,075 acre-feet.
  5. An approved Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permit for 8,732 acres of Douglas Ranch to disturb 9.06 acres of jurisdictional area.
  6. FEMA floodway revision completed to reduce floodway impact on site and bridge design.
  7. Engineering design on access bridges across the Hassayampa River. Three bridges are at 30% design and one bridge (Bell Road) is at 95%.
  8. Maricopa Association of Government (MAG) 208 plan has been amended to include Douglas Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Land Plan

The master plan is organized around the Town Center, with a commercial and employment core acting as a “downtown.” The 300-acre Central Park will be surrounded by in-town living opportunities. There are also four Village Centers that act as district hubs for the outlying villages, keeping shopping and employment near neighborhoods.

Open Space & Pedestrian/Bicycle Circulation

Over 4,000 acres of natural desert open space, including drainage corridors and hillsides, are preserved throughout the community. The topography of Douglas Ranch is ideally suited to provide opportunities for scenic views of the White Tank and Belmont Mountains, and the Hassayampa River corridor.

Southeast Planning Area: Master Plan

The 8,500-acre Southeast Planning Area will be the first area to be developed at Douglas Ranch. The Central Park, extensive commercial and office development, and a variety of housing choices are all included in the earlier phases of development.

Southeast Planning Area: Central Park

The 300-acre Central Park is the jewel of the open space and recreation plan of Douglas Ranch. The park features a sports district with baseball and soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a tennis center, and many other activities. The entertainment district has an outdoor amphitheater, water park, botanical gardens, and other cultural highlights. A park district allows residents to walk, jog, bike, or just hang out in both natural and landscaped spaces. Finally, the cultural arts district acts as the transition zone to the urban town center to the west. An array of museums, library, theaters, and sidewalk cafes make this area an attractive gathering place.

  • Location: The Douglas Ranch property is generally bounded by Jomax Road alignment on the north, Thunderbird/Cactus Road alignments on the south, 319th to 328th Avenue alignments on the east and 379th and 355th Avenue alignments on the west.
  • Size: 33,810 acres
  • Zoning: Community Master Plan Major Amendment – Approved by Buckeye Town Council February 16, 2010. Ordinance No. 01-10. The Community Master Plan allows for more than 104,000 dwelling units, 55 million square feet of office/retail/employment uses, 29 elementary schools, 6 high schools, and approximately 7,000 acres of parks/open space. Douglas Ranch has been designed to support approximately 290,000 residents.
  • Utilities: Water and sewer is to be provided by the City of Buckeye. Electricity to be provided by Arizona Public Service. Additional utility providers to be determined.