As a sustainable master planned community, Douglas Ranch is being planned with all public works and technological infrastructure required to meet the needs of it residents and businesses. El Dorado Holdings, in conjunction with partner JDM Partners LLC, is coordinating the planning, design, and permitting of the necessary infrastructure of the development phase.

Storm Water Management

The land’s major ephemeral drainage features will be maintained in a natural state, throughout Douglas Ranch. The 8,500-acre Southeast Planning Area has obtained the required Army Corps of Engineers Clean Water Action Section 404 permit.

Planners and engineers are creatively designing around major drainage features and leaving generous natural buffer zones between development and natural runoff channels.

These natural channels provide a signature element of Douglas Ranch, retained as pleasant natural landforms that will be enjoyed by those that use adjacent walking, bike, and horse trails. A secondary function of the washes is to provide migration corridors for wildlife in the area and maintain a critical habitat.

Water Production and Conveyance

The City of Buckeye is the water provider for Douglas Ranch, and will own, operate and maintain the community’s system.

The groundwater beneath Douglas Ranch has shown to be of good quality, requiring little, if any, treatment.

Douglas Ranch currently has an approved Analyis of Assured Water Supply of 23,659 acre-feet, which will accomodate approximately 46,000 to 55,000 dwelling units and accompanying employment, commercial, and municipal services. A second Conditional Analyis of Assured Water Supply was approved for an additional 26,075 acre-feet by the Department of Water Resources in 2009, which will accomodate an additional 52,000 to 65,000 dwelling units.

Within Douglas Ranch, an emphasis will be placed on reducing consumptive water use by utilizing the very latest in water saving technology.

Water Information