Health is a priority at Douglas Ranch, with outdoor-oriented amenities and medical facilities that will encourage active lifestyles.

Douglas Ranch will create an environment that encourages activity and healthy living. A network of trails that connect neighborhood parks with each other and to Central Park will make the community accessible by foot and bicycle. There will be a healthy dose of shade trees providing cool spots to relax. Playgrounds will support the growth of our young residents. Public art will help people stay mentally fit. Local gyms will provide additional options for specialized fitness training. “Getting out” will be an everyday part of life at Douglas Ranch.

The healthy lifestyle at Douglas Ranch will be bolstered by state-of-the-art medical facilities and urgent care centers. Residents will have peace of mind knowing they do not have to travel far to seek medial attention. From medical, naturopathic and chiropractic doctors, to specialists, physical therapists and fitness coaches, Douglas Ranch takes an all-encompassing approach to health care, ensuring the needs of the community are met.

Health will be a way of life at Douglas Ranch, with amenities and facilities that community members can take advantage of every day. Improved physical well-being leads to improved mental well-being. Improved mental well-being leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle. That is the aspiration we have for all Douglas Ranch residents.