Hassayampa Basin

The City of Buckeye is the water provider for Douglas Ranch and will own, operate and maintain the community’s system. Douglas Ranch is part of the Hassayampa Basin groundwater area, which will provide the potable water for Douglas Ranch. Douglas Ranch currently has an approved Analysis of Assured Water Supply for 24,000 acre-feet, which will accommodate approximately 46,000 dwelling units and accompanying employment, commercial and municipal services. A Conditional Analysis of Assured Water Supply has been approved for an additional 26,000 acre-feet of water.

Wells will be used to draw water from the aquifer. Then it will be distributed to storage reservoirs and to homes, schools and employment centers within Douglas Ranch. The groundwater beneath Douglas Ranch has been shown to be of good quality, requiring little, if any, treatment.

Douglas Ranch will also enroll in the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD). The CAGRD replenishes groundwater into the aquifer to replace all pumped groundwater from the member lands (including Douglas Ranch).

The Douglas Ranch ownership group has already agreed to donate 200 acres and build a replenishment facility to turn over to the CAGRD.

Additionally, there will be an effluent recharge facility.