A strong educational plan will ensure the present success of Douglas Ranch and the future success of its residents.

Learning and living go hand in hand.

Projected Preschool-12 public educational facilities at Douglas Ranch:

  • 26 K-8 schools
  • 6 high schools

Rare is the planned community that doesn’t promise “great school”’ to its future residents. Douglas Ranch has staked its vision to something far more ambitious; Building Arizona’s first “lifelong learning community.” This commitment to a culture of education will be reflected not only in the strength of its school systems or the community-offered, life-long education classes, but also in the education-related major employers and industries that are expected to eventually emerge at Douglas Ranch.

For each of the generations living in Douglas Ranch, from pre-kindergarten through post-retirement age, the project’s founders and planners envision an array of premier education opportunities. Superior education facilities will create and draw a well-educated work force, an incomparable asset as Douglas Ranch and the West Valley seek to create jobs and build economic strength by attracting world-class partners.

To encourage this goal, the Douglas Ranch ownership group has begun to anticipate and to seek out strong educational partnerships that will guide the community’s culture of education. We have a consulting team of experience educators planning the foundation for superior learning.