Economy Development

Douglas Ranch is designed to be a contributor to the overall world economy, starting with the financial well-being of its residents.

Douglas Ranch has been conceived as a full-service community, a place where greater than one job per household is provided on-site and where all of life’s needs can be met. To accomplish this ambitious aim, creating a durable, yet flexible economic infrastructure is of critical importance.

Douglas Ranch is working with landowners, municipalities and economic development groups to identify the desired array of employers, businesses and institutions that would locate here, and to develop regional economic development strategies that will entice these entities to establish in the region.

Douglas Ranch is premised on livability and prosperity for all its future residents across a range of ages, income levels and demographics. These communities only reinforce the need to provide a full spectrum of employment opportunities, affordable housing stock and mixed-use retail and cultural centers.

The partnerships being discussed since the project’s earliest days include relationships with Fortune 500 firms, national and Greater Phoenix economic and thought leaders, employers of all types and sizes, top-tier educational institutions, technology companies and major medical facilities. The emphasis will be on truly becoming an international hub for business in this global economy.