Arts & Culture

We believe a vibrant arts and cultural scene will deliver a much deeper and more rewarding life experience.

Cultural enrichment is an important component in the overarching Douglas Ranch vision. Whereas the community layout and close proximity of neighborhoods to parks and retail areas will enhance the intimacy and tight-knit feeling of the community, the open spaces will inspire, entertain and become learning centers for all Douglas Ranch residents.

Central Park will host local art-walks, where residents can buy and sell jewelry, paintings, sculptures and exchange ideas. Central Park will have museums and be a gathering place where artists can showcase their skills and serve as a venue for outdoor concerts and entertainment. Public art, such as murals and sculptures, will be displayed throughout the community. Local schools and community centers will provide various art-related courses and hands-on educational opportunities. Galleries will also exist throughout Douglas Ranch, providing many quick ways to satisfy that intellectual curiosity.

As quaint neighborhoods, educational institutes and nearby commerce districts serve as the brain of Douglas Ranch, the arts scene will serve as the heart. Residents will not have to travel far to enjoy a day at the park nor to pick up groceries. Neither will they have to travel far for cultural enrichment.