Employer Advantages

Jobs in Arizona

Arizona is a rapidly growing state that has focused on creating the infrastructure needed to easily move people, cars and commercial vehicles from one part of the state to another. Modern, safe highways with easy-on/easy-off access to industrial, commercial and residential centers are essential parts of the forward-thinking economic development of our state.

Job initiatives by local and state governments have been paramount in attracting businesses of all sizes to the region. Combine that with a pro-business climate, a wealth of healthcare options, 330 days of sunshine each year, professional sports teams and collegiate athletics, and strong support for The Arts, Arizona has many advantages for employers that makes the state attractive for new and relocating businesses.

  • Right-to-work state
  • Low unionization
  • Permitting guaranteed in 90 days or less
  • 100% of Net Operating Loss may be carried forward for five years
  • Aggressive depreciation schedules
  • No inventory tax
  • Minimal regulation

Commute Times

A recent study by Maricopa Association of Governments shows that commute times are shorter to the West Valley due to traffic flow. The study shows that employees living as far east as the city of Phoenix, plus Tempe (the home of Arizona State University), can easily commute into Douglas Ranch in under 60 minutes.

As a result of all these collaborative efforts, prospective employers can successfully attract a workforce from well beyond Douglas Ranch’s home in the West Valley.

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